The health claims of olives & olive oil

The health claims of olives & olive oil


Olive oil is an integral ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and

  ccumulating evidence suggests that it may have health benefits.

Olive oil appears to be an example of a functional food, with

varied components that may contribute to its overall therapeutic


In spite of all its known benefits, there were no authorized health

claims on olive oil products, and producers are now putting

applications and submissions to allow some health claims.


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  1. الله يحييك يا أبو منار
    و انشا الله بنشوفك بأعلى المراتب
    و الله فرحتني كتير بعد ما شفت هالموقع المرتب
    أخوك عماد

  2. الغالي ابو هادي

    كما العهد بك دائما
    سباق يا غالي
    لك كل الود والتحية
    واتمنى ان اراك دائما ههنا
    وان ارى مشاركاتك وتقييمك لما تراه هنا

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