The Most Dangerous Person in the World

The Most Dangerous Person in the World


March 24, 2009

A significant majority of Americans, polls repeatedly tell us, list terrorism as one of their greatest fears. Like most of our media-inspired interests and worries, however, this one has little basis in reality.

In actual fact, unless you’re serving in a war zone, the most dangerous person you’re ever likely to encounter – by several orders of magnitude – is the one you see in the mirror every morning.

Not some shadowy arms dealer peddling second hand nukes. Not some dusky Jihadi with a song on his lips and a suicide belt around his middle. Not some mad scientist, bribed by the forces of evil to cook up a bio-bug capable of ending life as we know it.

Here are the hard facts.

إقرأ المزيد



Most of smokers remember vividly the first cigarette, It must be happened by someone.

In this presentation we will talk about Smoking by Answering the following  Quastions:

1)Who is the oldest smoker ?

2)Why do the people smoke & how do they start ?

3)What does the cigarette contain ?

4)What are the disadvantages of smoking ?

5)Where are you toward the smoking ?

If you interested, please download the presentation

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