Most of smokers remember vividly the first cigarette, It must be happened by someone.

In this presentation we will talk about Smoking by Answering the following  Quastions:

1)Who is the oldest smoker ?

2)Why do the people smoke & how do they start ?

3)What does the cigarette contain ?

4)What are the disadvantages of smoking ?

5)Where are you toward the smoking ?

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Minimally Processed Vegetables

Minimally Processed Vegetables

The minimally processed ready-to-eat

vegetable industry was initially developed to

supply restaurants, hotels and other institutions

and, more recently, was expanded to include

food retailers for home consumption.

Minimally processed ready-to-eat vegetables: defined asraw vegetables that have been peeled, sliced, chopped or shredded prior to being packaged for sale. With the possible exception of the addition of dressing or croutons by the end-user, the product does not require further preparation before consumption’.

The health benefits associated

with fresh produce combined

with the on-going consumer trend

toward eating out and consuming

ready-to-eat foods have contributed to a substantial increase in the

opularity of minimally processed ready-to-eat vegetables. Whereas most

salads and other vegetables are still prepared at home, the inclusion of

minimally processed ready-to-eat vegetables has moved the preparation of

these products from the consumer.

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minimally proccessed vegatable





Saffron is the most expensive spice

in the world (anything below 4 € per

gram is suspiciously cheap;

probably smuggled” or “probably

not saffron at all”)

The name saffron comes from

arabic, here the spice is known as za’fran [زعفران

 derives from a Semitic root “become yellow

properties make it very valuable:

Coloring power: gives a yellowish color to meals, which enhances them

making them look more appetizing.

Flavor: the flavor of saffron is unique. Used in the correct quantity, gives

the dish a slightly bitter and earthy taste that makes it delicious.

Aroma: The aroma of saffron is very appealing. No wonder it was used as

a perfume in the antiquity.


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